Definitions list
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  • nanosatellite
    Satellite weighing only a few kilograms.
  • natural satellite
    Celestial body orbiting around a planet.
  • node
    Point at which an orbit intersects the Earth’s equatorial plane. When a satellite crosses this point in a south-to-north direction, the node is said to be ascending, and when north-to-south, descending.
    How orbital manoeuvres work
  • nominal
    According to plan.
  • non-synchronous / asynchronous
    Because they are in motion relative to Earth, most man-made satellites are termed non-synchronous or asynchronous satellites. Conversely, geostationary satellites stay in an almost fixed position relative to Earth.
  • nozzle
    Conduit at the aft end of a booster in which combustion gas expands and accelerates to a high enough ejection velocity to propel the vehicle.