January 22, 2019

Key events

Beginning of 2021: Operational phase

Mid to end 2019: In-flight commissioning, Calibration and Validation

Mid 2019: Launch of PHARAO

07/2014: Delivery of PHARAO flight model to ESA

062014: PHARAO EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) tests

03/2014: Start of PHARAO performance tests

01/2014: Laser Source delivery and start of the integration of the flight model

02/2013: Caesium tube delivery

12/2012: Computer flight model delivery

01/2011: Test of the Ground Segment prototype

09/2010: End of EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) and performance tests of the PHARAO engineering model

07/2009: The PHARAO engineering model is tested with its ACES counterpart

12/2008: PHARAO completion is decided by CNES

02/2008: Columbus launch and docking